BCM325 – Digital Artifact Context

I’m a Digital Media student, so I was interested in looking at movies and televisions shows, and in particular, the power they have to alter our perception of the reality, and also the influence they have on the future. My main texts of research for this project were a journal article written by N.J. Schweitzer … Continue reading BCM325 – Digital Artifact Context


BCM325 – Research Update

Sources: The CSI Effect (Schweitzer, N.J., Saks, M.J., 2007 The CSI effect occurs because of the manner movie and television dramas, such as CSI, present forensic science. These shows portray a glorified and heavily exaggerated way, and this causes the public to have false expectations of the criminal justice system. These shows display a criminal … Continue reading BCM325 – Research Update

How Film and Television are Influencing the Future – Proposal

How film and television are influencing the future Film, without a doubt, plays a key part in the future of society and technology; it has the power to sway our behaviours as a society and has a large impact of the development of technology and our abilities. Science fiction films in particular, depict a vast … Continue reading How Film and Television are Influencing the Future – Proposal