MEDA202 Prototype

My major project is a physical and interactive depiction of braille. Each ‘letter’ is made up of 6 foam core tiles mounted on a wooden skewer, each tile, black on one side and white on the other, can be turned to show either the black or white side. The black side indicating the presence of … Continue reading MEDA202 Prototype


Meda 201 MAJOR – ‘9 Track Mind – From My Window’

9 Track mind – From My Window This piece is a response to the work of the Lumiere brothers, and in particular their creation of the remoscope. Remoscopes have strict rules established as a result of technical limitation of the cinématographe rather than as a deliberate strategy. The rules are: one minute duration, fixed/stationary camera, … Continue reading Meda 201 MAJOR – ‘9 Track Mind – From My Window’

MEDA 201 – Week 1: Cameraless Film

Cameraless film is the experimental process by which blank physical film (usually leader) is scratched, punched, bleached, painted on etc. creating various effects when projected. Other foreign objects such as foliage can also be attached and run through the projector. In regard to the films watched in class: These cameraless film works initially give the … Continue reading MEDA 201 – Week 1: Cameraless Film