This project explores the illusion of movement which can emerge from still images played back in a stop-motion fashion.

After scouring Google Earth for hours and thousands of screenshots later, I created Sequitur. The project particularly focuses on the geometry of the landscape, and its repetition in places around the world. Using sound effects I recorded myself and a few sourced from the internet I created an appropriate audio accompaniment. Due to the fast pace of the photo playback, the sound had to match; most of the sounds have been sped up aiding the pace of the film.

The backbone of the video is the stop-motion journey of following a train line; the Ghan railway route running from Adelaide to Darwin. That entire journey is included in film as it offered an interesting change of landscape. It provides more colour to the project, as most of the other clips are lush farmland and cities.

I stuck with the underlying theme of surveillance, as Google Earth is one of the most constant and large-scale forms of global and public surveillance. This theme of uncanny monitoring is also conveyed through the unnatural feel of the soundtrack which is at an opposition with the more natural subject matter of the photographs.


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