CAOS203 – PINECONE [Final]

This is an experimental film with a loose story of someone being followed around campus. The short film includes some glitches, adding to the tension and stalking notion. Suspenseful music is added to further this stalking notion; the tension is broken up by short of the surrounding environment with appropriate foley.

The music I used for this project was sourced from the film ‘Sicario’, composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson. In the film, this theme was used periodically throughout; making its appearance during the tenser scenes and action moments. I applied this same idea to my film; breaking the track up, as much as you can in a five-minute short film.

I have previously experimented with the glitch aesthetic to a small extent. I chose to use it again in this project because I found it was a good too to break up long otherwise boring clips, for example when the subject is walking it is more engaging for something unexpected to happen while rather than just show a ten second static shot, it’s a way to draw back the attention of the viewer and have them expecting the unexpected.

In regard to the storyline, I initially intended to make it a more structured story, but I also wanted to integrate some experimentation, i.e. with the glitching, resulting in a more vague and ambiguous ending.

I was initially interested in exploring how colour can affect a film, researching short films like ‘Phenomena (2018) and ‘Rocks That Bleed’ (2015), discussed in my earlier proposal. ‘Pinecone’ has a darker undertone, which is why I hose to have darker shots filmed during and after sunset. I dabbled in minimal colour correcting, I only applied minimal effects because I found that changing to tone and colours too much didn’t fit with my film, it fit the “stalker” notion better if the footage was dark, a bit grainy, and not perfect; one of the main reasons I went with the handheld option.

I filmed over two hours, in and around the main campus of UOW. I got a large number of scenery shots, and while filming the subject there was minimal guidance, only one idea was structured, the rest was impromptu exploration. I didn’t want to plan it too much because I was willing to see the film develop during the editing stage. If the filming process is less structured (depending on the project) the film can be steered in different directions during the editing; it also allows for new ideas to be added after the fact. I was interested in this flexibility as most projects I have done have been greatly planned out.


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